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My Story


In 2016, I was diagnosed with sepsis and given only a one percent chance to live. With the faith, love, and perseverance of my husband, family, and friends, I fought against the odds and survived.

In the aftermath, sepsis took its toll on my body. I had both legs amputated below the knee, as well as my right arm below the elbow, and lost the fingers on my left hand with the exception of a small part of my thumb. I returned home facing an uphill battle of physical therapy, adjusting to life as an amputee, and trying to figure out how to be a mother with my changed body and troubled mind. It was through the efforts of friends, family, and community that I began to heal both mentally and physically.


Today, I’m a motivational speaker, para swimmer, and an active parent with my children’s sports, activities, and passions. I aim to instill in them that no matter what type of adversity they are faced with they can persevere and overcome that battle with hard work, dedication, and a full heart.

My Family

A stubborn, strong mother who is not going to be defined by what has happened to me but instead who it has pushed me to become. A lover of family, nature, chocolate, & the seemingly small moments that although may seem insignificant make up the meaning of life



Turned 5 years old when I was in the hospital. He is sensitive and tender hearted with a love for nature. A homebody like his mom...he has yet to discover his inner strength that I know is there.




An independant girl from the day she was born. Turned into an instant care giver when I returned home from the hospital. She is loved by all for her kindness and charisma.


Doesn't remember me with my arms and legs. He is a firm believer that God heals everything and one day he will give my arms and legs back. A charming boy with a huge heart, he is full of a love for life.


He is the strength, support, and motivation that allows me to reach even farther than my dreams. My soul mate believed in my will to live more than anyone else. He has stood by my side in the darkest hours and then walked with me into the light.

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